How can i use Xbee s2c ZIGBEE TH Reg fuction set in Arduino ?

Hello, I try to communicate each other arduino using xbee s2c(Arduino -> Xbee shield -> Xbee s2c)

module family name is XB24C
function set is ZIGBEE TH REG

Using X-CTU, I set Coordinator Arduino and Router Arduino like this document

AND i have a question, i comfirmed each arduino communicate in X-CTU program(console)

but how can i communicate without X-CTU, only arduino source code in wireless enviroment ?(No Serial port)

Please tell me useful document or site, solution…, anything

Thank you for read my post

Sorry for my english :cry:

The configuration is the exact same. That is, if you can send data from your Arduino to the XCTU via the RF port, then you can do the exact same on your processors.