Can we configure XBee S2C module by arduino programming(API) without using XCTU software?

I am using Four XBee S2C modules for my project. I configured these four modules using XCTU software. If I want to change those configuration I have to use XCTU software once again. Its difficult use that software again and again for four seperate modules. Is there any API calls, so that from programming only I can configure?

One more question is, How can we configure a XBEE S2C module as trans-receiver using XCTU?

Thanks in advance…

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I am a little confused by your question. If AP is set to a 1 or 2, then the radio is using API mode.

If that is the case, then yes there are API frames that can be used to configure settings via a local UART on the local module (Local AT command) or via a Remote API or AT command function. All of these options are clearly documented in the product manual for the XBee module you are working with.