How can we send a 7.4 kbyte jpg file by using xbee?

We want to send a 1 mb mp4 file by using xbee.
First, I divided the video file into frames to send it.
But i dont know xbee can send jpg file(or how can we send jpg file by xbee) and when i try to convert jpg file to binary, its file size increases and exceeds the limit of xbee.

Depending on what module and mode you are using, you may need to packetise it yourself.

It would be best practice anyway to packetise it and confirm receipt of each packet.

If you are using Transparent mode you are just piping the binary down the uart and hoping it comes out the other side.

In API mode (or transparent mode) you would want to read the NP (Maximum Packet Payload Bytes) value and then packetise your binary into chunks that big before sending it and confirming receipt. API mode will respond with a received message but in transparent mode you would need to have this implemented in your own code.

Nicholas Wilson
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