How can we transmit an array of data from one xbee S1 to another xbee module in AT mode?

Being new to the world of xbee’s, i have a basic question in mind that whether we could transmit an array from one xbee to another, in AT mode??
Researching all over the internet, i happened to see much about API mode for such transmission, but nothing for AT mode.
If it is possible, then how??

Thank you for your precious time(in advance).

An AT XBee would have you most likely using Transparent Serial mode to communicate. At that point you just have a stream of bytes flowing back and forth (like any other serial wire) and you can impose your own data encapsulation to transmit an array of data. You’ll have to be careful of packetization imposed by the wireless link when designing your protocol since bytes can show up in big chunks rather than a continuous stream equally spaced apart.