How could i use android phone connected by USB to imx28 to get Ineternet link ?

I have launch “modprobe g_ether” –> OK.
Now usb0 appears in “ifconfig”.

I give IPAddress/netmask “” –> OK

I launch “udhcpd usb0” with good addresses in “udhcpd.conf”.

I Add “route add default”

BUT, when i connect android phone by USB and confirm on the phone modem use … nothing.

Unable to ping (except

Should i missed something ?

(the same process work on ubuntu & debian & windows)

Thank you very much

Xavier, Saint-Emilion, France


To myself.

I have got it.

So, i wanted to use an Android phone to access web by wi-imx28.

First, building Kernel i should had RDNIS_host driver AND cdc_ethernet AND usbnet.

On the wiimx28 module, launch “modprobe rndis_host”;

when i connect the phone in modem mode, usb0 appears in “ifconfig -a”.

I should configure in “/etc/network/interfaces” usb0 port to dhcp.

AND That’s all, wiimx28 googling !

Xavier DAVID BEAULIEU, Saint-Emilion, France

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You need make a bridge between the usb0 and eth0 interfaces. You can check (use usb0 instead of wlan0, you can skip the SoftAP related stuff, of course)