IMX28 problem permanently bridging eth0 and eth1

Using the example provided in the application note Network Bridging in the Digi Embedded Linux Command Line Reference Manual, I am able to successfully bridge 2 network segments.

Problem: when one of the cables is disconnected, the bridge does not recover until an ifconfig ethn up command is issued on the relevant port. Is there a way of making this recover automatically?

I am creating the bridge in a startup script rather than the normal linux configuration files - is this the problem? I have done this because simply adding the bridge to /etc/network/interfaces does nothing, even when /etc/network/if-up.d/ifup is modified to parse the correct configuration.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Have you tested the same on the Linux PC - I’m afraid you’d see the same result.

as a workaround you could use a netlink daemon to monitor the link and bring the bridge up