How do I assign CS4 for external device?

Does anyone use CS4 for external device? I understand that I must modify the initialization code for CS4 where in the ncc_init() in the ncc_init.c with unique base address and appropriate size. And also needs to rebuild bsp.a and my own application too. Is it correct? that’s all to realize my aim? I already tried but my application does not work correctly. If somebody knows the solution or some key knowledge, please let me know.

By default, CS4 is disabled with in the ncc_init.c file. The user would also have to set up the correct values. There is only one example application in house that we release fully that makes use of CS4 is the ENI sample api: naenisram. In particular, when you look into code you will find out that RAM is defined in the *.lx file in the example directory but mapped as chip select 4. In this example, CS4 is used for the shared RAM because on the development board CS4 goes to the expansion connector. The example is designed such that the client uses CS4 to read and write to the Host. The Host reads and writes to the client via the ENI interface. That connector board that you refer to as prototype connector I believe is this one and it is a special board which connects the ENI connector of the Host with the Expansion connector of the client. The values used to program CS4 are: CS4BAR= 0X03800001 CS4OR=0XFFF0020C In debug.lx the name of the start of the eni shared ram space is .eniSharedRam and the starting address of this shared RAM space is 0x4000. Also the .picbase is 0x5000 In order to enable CS4, you need to modify the ncc_init.c in the bsp\init folder according to your peripheral; CS4BAR= … CS4OR= …

Hi. Thanks for your quick repliment. I also realized about relationship between CS4 and ENI shared RAM mode at last night. I’ll try to solve my problem according to your information. And I’ll post result when I solve it. Thanks.