External device on white connector

Hi all, I’m using NET+OS5.0 and Rev B NET+50 development board. I’m trying to connect exrternal peripheral to white 96pin connector(J14). Connected device will works as a SRAM. So, to assign peripheral to CS4, I adding the code to ncc_init() in ncc_init.c. The codes for initialize are… (*NCC_MEM).cs4.csor.reg = 0xffffe208; (*NCC_MEM).cs4.csar.reg = 0x03800001; When I debugging with above initialization code, sample application works normally regardless of connect peripheral or not. And I make a API for external device, based on NVRAM API. However it doesn’t works correctly. (ex: when I write data some offset, same data can be read on another offset too) I know it may caused some bugs of external device. Then, we check out pin195(CS4) on NET+50 but there’s no any signal outed despite of accessing on code. Is anybody connect SRAM like peripheral on white connector? If so, how do you control(write/read) that? Please teach me anything you knows about above. Thanks.

Have you checked that the jumper JP14 is connected between pins 2 & 3 ?

reconfirmed you for your reply. Your mentioned point is already changed before I post message and reconfirmed after your reply. There’s all right. thanks again. And then, please give me a more suggestion or information. Regards.

The most important thing is that how you are accessing the CS4 locations? Because the set up for CS4* memory space = 3800000 to 38FFFFF should be OK provided with 2 wait states, no burst, 8-bit data bus.