How do I clear a "sslv3 alert certificate unknown" error on my Transport digi?

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to clear the following error?

Certificate Code Error
Lib: SSL routines
Reason: sslv3 alert certificate unknown


Try updating the certificates on the unit:

Unzip that file, rename ca-dc.pem to cadc.pem, and upload all three files to the unit overwriting when prompt.

Also, ensure you are on the latest firmware as there has been some changes to how certificates work.

Hi Daniel,
The ‘certificate code error’ issue is a caused by the router using a self signed certificate and I assume you’re using Chrome browser to access the router over HTTPS. The browser is sending an alert back to the router that the certificate in use is not from a known and trusted CA.
If you were to install a certificate on the router from a known trusted CA then this would not happen.

The error message is safe to ignore, or can be filtered out of the event log with the CLI command (use telnet, ssh or ‘Execute a command’ in the GUI):
event 0 ev_filter 98

Kind regards,
Ben - Digi Support