How do I configure syslog?

I am using the ConnectME with NetOS 7.1.
I would like to publish trace messages to syslog and capture them with a syslog viewer. I can’t figure out how to set that up. I have used the CLI commands:

settrace state=on syslog=on loghost=ipaddr mode=concurrent
settrace state=on mode=concurrent mask=User1:debug

I set trace_syslog_enabled=1 in trace.c.
I put a call to trace in my code. I don’t know which trace_id to use (I’m currently using USER1_TRACE and TRACE_DEBUG, I’ve also tried SYSTEM_TRACE).

Yes, I have been using the udpdb feature. The problem I have is that my application crashes, but I don’t get any trace output just before the crash. My theory is that the udp polling cannot catch the data just before the crash. So I’d like to publish the messages directly to the receiver instead of relying on polls.