TS16 and syslog ?

Looking through the manual and googling, it looks like the TS8/16 does not support syslog. Is this correct?

The TS16 supports Syslog. Please see the document at this link:
Page 155.
It can be enabled only by using the command line.

Both the ‘set logport’ and ‘set trace’ cmds allow you to save off to a syslog server. The cmds can be found in the Commnd Ref Manual located here:


I see that this will forward the data traffic to/from the serial ports. This is excellent, and will make debugging the connected devices considerably easier.

Is there a way to have the digi send debugs, infos and debugs about the terminal server itself to a syslog?

Sorry, there is no way that I know to do that.

Yes i am also agree with you mlnpscda i had never find any thing on Google related to these.