Portserver TS 16 and Cisco setup

Hello folks, first time user with Digi equipment. I know that this has been done to death. I did do a search on the forum but found conflicting information.

I am basically using a portserver TS 16 to replace my cisco 2509 terminal server. Does anyone have set of instructions or forum link to an old thread to set the ports, cable and what needs to be done(if anything) in IOS to connect all my routers and switches to a TS 16?

I would like to just be able to open multiple telnets to various cisco devices via the TS 16.
for example
telnet router 1
telnet router 2
telnet switch 1 etc etc…

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, have a great holiday weekend…


The details for configuring this type of set-up can be found here:


userid0, thanks agian I will give that a try. Looks like gold. Thanks agian…

I tried everything possible for this POS
wasting too much time on this thing :frowning:

Best thing to do at this point would be to call Technical Support so we can walk you through the setup. Sorry you’re having a difficult time with it :frowning:

Thanks, I will, I know its not a POS but it is frustrating something so simple. I get all kinds of responses from helpful people from this forum and others about this issue but they are not the same. Some say I need a flipped cable, others the TS flips it so a straight through will do and then there are the myriad of software changes cli or web and then some say the web ones don’t work only use the cli. I have looked at the manual too.

Thanks again I will call shortly or tomorrow to see if we can get this thing working.


Part of the problem might be that Cisco has several different pinouts for their equipment as well.

I know a Supervisor III console has a different pinout/interface than most of the rest of their equipment for instance.

I know that that is what is confusing. I am trying this on cisco 2500 series routers but will need this for
2500 series
2600 series
2800 series
catalyst 3550
catalyst 3750
catalyst 6503 sup1a

So what I did cable wise is have three connectios to three routers
1 2500 a stragit thru to digi port 1
1 2500 using a cisco rolled cable to digi port 2
1 2600 using a xover ethernet cable to digi port 3
I get the connections established to the 2001/2/3 tcp ports from my ws to the digi but no other response.
I tried all the flow control, prn, console mgmt etc
still no luck

You can find the cable pin-out and Digi part numbers for the cable you need:


One thing that is tricky with these cables, is that they are not interchangeable. Meaning the Cisco end needs to plug into the Cisco console port and the Digi end needs to plug into the Digi port.

If it’s any consolation, it sounds like the unit is configured properly since you are connecting successfully.

If you continue to have problems, give Digi Tech. Support a call: 1-877-912-3444. They’ll have you up and running in a jiffy.

So chances are it is a cable issue. I’d hate to call and put the guys through the same thing if it is a cable or to call and they ask me do you have cable part# X which I don’t. I will try the link and give a call tomorrow.

Thanks again great support.