New to product... want to use for cisco router and switch consoles

hey everyone,

I am totally green. I got an etherlite 16 off ebay. I was able to download realport, and the pinout config from the digi website. There is little mention of how the physical connections are made. Can anyone point me in the right direction to set this up for a cisco lab???


The nice thing about RealPort is you can use the ports in much the same way as the built-in serial ports.

What operating system are you using for the RealPort host?

I using windows xp.

You will want to be sure you are using the specific cabling for Cisco ports:

The cable is not interchangeable, the Cisco end needs to plug into the Cisco port and the other cable end into the Digi port.

Once the cable is in place, you should be able to use an emulation program, such as Hyperterminal to connect to the Cisco port.

Thank you. All I need to do is connect the digi to a switch. And once I assign an IP address I can use realport to access the various ports? Digi refers to dgipserv. I can’t find it on the web site. Is it included in the realport, or the drivers i downloaded??

Thanks again… I’m really excited about this

Correct, realport is the only way you can access the ports. The dgipserv utility is located here:

Thanks a million. You guys have saved me countless hours of trial and error.