Help on setting up the Digi Portserver TS 16

I need to set my Digi up so it is secure. I have configured the Security to only allow ssh/reverse ssh/HTTPS/SNMP to connect. I have set up a user called admin and a menu that allows the user to connect to a serial port. I have set the serial port up as a Console Managment port, and changed the flow control to off. I have attached a Cisco 2950 switch console connection to this port. When I use Secure CRT on port 22 I get prompted to log in as admin and can see my menu. When I connect to the port–I see nothing and can type nothing. There is nothing displayed. Please help.

Looks like your problem is from the port out. Meaning cabling and/or the peripheral.

What are you using for cabling between the TS and Cisco? This would be the proper pinout and/or you can order this cable from us.

Please confirm you are using the following cable pin-outs for connecting to the Cisco switch:

Also, the ends are not interchangeable. The Cisco end will need to plug into the Cisco port.