Can't connect the Shelf Alarm Console

I can connect this Console port by using the notebook computer RS232 interface with hyperterminal.
The login messages as follows:
Intel(R) NetStructure™ ZT7102 Chassis Management Module
nwtfs-s01c13h1 login:

However, I can’t connect this console port to Digi portserver TS-16, with the same setting as the notebook computer. I always get the unmeaning characters via TS-16.

The configuration is 115200, 8N1, no-flow-control or Xon/Xoff.

I sure the cable pinout is correct. More, I had tried the other ports in TS-16 with the same result.

Could you please help?

This is likely one of two things: either a cable issue or misconfiguration of your TS16 for this type of application. Please submit pinout for review, as well as the port settings on your TS16. Can you pin the TS16 from the host computer you’re trying to connect from? Can you telnet to it or view the TS16 config via browser?

I just sent out an e-mail reply to your Tech Support case, but figured I’d post it here for other readers that may be looking for this information as well.

I looked over the Shelf Alarm Console RJ45 serial port pinout, and found the previous pinouts which were tried were incorrect. Here’s the pinout I came up with, which should work:

CPC7301 Digi TS
RJ45,8-wire RJ45, 8-wire

RTS 1 ----------- 7 CTS
DSR 2 ----------- 8 DTR
RxD 3 ----------- 4 TxD
Gnd 4 ----------- No connection
Gnd 5 ----------- 6 SG
TxD 6 ----------- 5 RxD
DTR 7 ----------- 1 DSR
CTS 8 ----------- 2 RTS

This cable pinout fully supports hardware flow control, and is polar (i.e. the CPC7301 and Digi ends are not interchangeable, and must be marked which end is which).

If you wish to make this a 3-wire cable, drop all pins except for the two data lines (RxD, TxD) and Signal Ground (Gnd–SG). Also, since the DCD signal isn’t used, the Digi altpin setting should be turned OFF.

Please build/test this cable, and let us know whether it works for you.