Could any gentleman tell me how to connect Port Server-TS16 with Sun Netra

Struggling to figure out how to make connect Digi-PortServer TS16 with Sun-Netra T1/V490 to access those Sun servers via console port, couldn 't connect for one more week.
Could any gentleman share the experience to connect Sun-Netra.

My situation:

Digi PortServer-TS16,
I already upgrade the firmware and post firmware to latest version: Version 82000854_J1 06/15/2004
(1)I use 8Pin-8Pin RJ-45 connected to the Sun-Netra server.This cable is made by myself.
(2)I could connect to those server use my laptop with the flowing setup: Baud=9600, StopBit=1, 8Bit, No Parity Check.
(3)I tried several port of the TS-16, here I use Port=4 as example for my setup from the WEB GUI tool:
Port Number =4
Device = Modem
Term Type =v t100
Altpin = off
Flow Control=None
Autoconnect = off
Status =off
Data Bit=8
Parity = None
Stop Bits =1

Use above setup, I can use “connect 4” from digi device to get the connect to the port, or from a unix server, use “telnet digi_portserver 2004” to get the telnet prompt, like below,
$ telnet 2004
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.

The problem, the connection is hung here either use “connect” or “telnet” command, or sometimes, it just feed me back with a bunch of mess-up code.
I try all the baud rate such as 19200/24400/4800…, the same.
(4)If I setup the port device type =host/term, it even worse.

So I don’t know what’s my problem, is it so hard to use Digi as console management ? thanks you help !

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Your config says dev=modem but connect and telnet would fail. The fact you can connect, I assume this is set to dev=modem in/out. The port should be set to dev=prn (Printer) 9600-81N.

Other than that this looks like a cabling issue. Follow the pinout below or you can order this cable from Digi.


Ronk, my first trial is setup the device type to “prt”, but it didn’t give me any responding. look like “prt” is for printer setup.



Printer is the correct setting for this. If connect and/or telnet give no response (looks like it’s hanging) it means you are connecting to the port, just no response from other end. It indicates a problem from there out…Either cabling or the Sun Netra. You already know the Netra is fine because you tested with your PC, which leaves cabling.

Thanks Ronk, I’ll have my network guy make another cable to try again. appreciate

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Good luck! Again, we also sell that cable. Inside sales can help you at 952-912-3444.