Connect to a server through PortServer II 16

I want to connect to a server through a Digi Portserver II 16. Is it possible? What do I have to do? Since last week I’ve read a lot about the Portservers, but I can’t solve the problem yet. I hope you understand what I mean and can help me. I am thankful for every hint, document or link which can help me.


I believe the following link should be helpful:

There are couple thisngs to check.
–Make sure ‘dev’ is set for ‘prn’ or 'rp (#>set port ra=16
–Make sure you reboot PortServer after changing ‘dev’ type from default
–If device type was already set for rp/prn, make sure there is no process running on port 16 (#>who will show you all processes on PortServer)
–Make sure port 2016 is not blocked on your network

I have a similar problem : when performing a reverse telnet to a port, I always got : could not open a connection to host on port 2003 : connect failed.
I also tried with the back-to-back plug, but still same issue.
Does somebody have any idea what to do now ?

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Thanks a lot for the link.
I configured the Port the way it is described in under the link. The IP of the Portserver is and the Server is plugged in port 16. If try to connect with telnet by: “telnet 2016”, I get the following massage from the shell: “telnet: connect to address Connection refused”
Does anybody know what is wrong with my configuration?

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Thanks a lot for the help.
I found another way to fix my problem.


This typically indicates either the Portserver is configured with a duplicate IP address, or the ports of the Portserver are not set to device type printer (dev=prn). Typically a network or misconfig issue.