reverse telnet "access to this port denied" on Portserver 16

I’ve got a portserver/16 and have it setup as a console server.

I can telnet into the terminal server to get admin access, and I can also

telnet 2000+port #

to get to a given port.

My issue is when I’m on the admin console via Telnet, and try to do a


All I get is an “access to this port denied” error message.

Can this be worked around? Or is there some other way to connect to a given port from the command line?



To resolve this issue, please make sure that ‘dev’ is set for ‘prn’.
#>set port ra=x-xx dev=prn. If it was set to something other then prn(such as ‘term’ ‘mio’ etc), make sure that you reboot the PortServer.
Also, make sure that there is no other process on a port. #>who command will display active porocesses on ports

I’ve check that the port intended is set to PRN, rebooted, made sure nothing else was on that port, but still the error persists.

Note, I don’t have a problem if I connect to the portserver via a serial port and do this, it is only when I telnet into the portserver that I can’t seem to telnet out of it to any address.



What user are you logging into the Portserver 16 as? Does this happen when logged in as “root”? What version of firmware does that Portserver 16 have?

Logged in as root, although I recall this happened with other users as well.

The Version is 3.5.0

This may be an issue which was fixed with firmware. Try loading the 3.5.5 image on the Portserver 16 from a tftp host and see if that resolves the problem.

One thing though, the Portserver 16 didn’t have flash proms, so the firmware will need to be loaded every time the Portserver is rebooted.