can not telnet into Portserver II

I have three 16 port termservers connected serially serving AIX/RS6000, yesterday 8 ports scattered among the three term servers became unuseable. I can ping , I can not telnet into PS to logon, when I tried to login through an operational port, that port locked up, I hesitate power cycling, but I will if I have to. Any suggestions?

I suspect a possible network problem since you are unable to telnet to the unit(s). Without being able to telnet or login directly to the PortServers to perform more troubleshooting, there is not much I can suggest other than power cycling the units to see if they recover.

The unit was power cycled early this am, shall I try again>

Also, I tried to telnet from a working terminal, the terminal locked up and is still not functional.

Can you telnet to any of the PortServer units with hung ports and login as root?

No, as as above the one port I tried to telnet from locked upas well.

I’m a bit confused about the port reference.

You will need to telnet to the PortServer unit itself and not a port on the unit or using a port on the unit. This will need to be done from another node on the network.

If this is not possible, other steps will be necessary, in which case you should contact Digi Technical Support for additional assistance.