PortServer II working with ports

Good afternoon,

i really want some help,

Our PortServer II is connect it in a linux server and users to the PS.

The point is that it is very often some of the users freeze his connection and so far the only solution that we have, so we can use the port again, is a hard or a software reset.

That may causes some problems due to users are in different floors or rooms and some of them do not hear announcements etc so their login are stack again…

So ports are ok (after the reset) but not the logins that do not logout.

We usually know the port number where the terminal that stacked,
so i am wondering if we make a reset only to the defective port and not the whole DIGIPORT…
Or alternatively if we can close and open again the specific port…
Or any other option that you may have except to make a hard reset!

Thanks in advance for any answers [:)]

good morning again,

any opinion about all this? :slight_smile:

i believe there is no way to do this :frowning:

From telnet you might be able to do the "kill " command. Use the “who” command to see what ports and sessions are open.

thanks for your reply,
this is what i am doing until this moment.
The point is that is not accurate.

What i want to know if i can kill the port when i am entering in the digi port as root…
lets say i load the list of ports…
and the questions if there is any way to write,
“kill port 42”
cause otherwise i must turn off all the racks and make announcements to alll the users to logout…

This is a very big problem in my company, cause there are usually 30-40 users and as you suspect, some of them they dont give a damn about your announcements…