Resetting telnet connection to ports via CLI

This is with Digi Passport 32.
I’m looking for an easy way to kill current sessions (telnet) to ports via command line.
For example, let’s say someone else already has a telnet session to port 6 and I want to login to digi passport via telnet and kill that session.
I’ve tried two ways: 1. via linux CLI and 2. via menu interface

with linux cli, “portset reset 6”. This looked like a quicker way of doing it.
with menu interface, we select appropriate options to end up doing a ‘reset this port’.

Though these two approaches seemed to work once or twice, thereafter they didn’t. linux cli would just be showing ‘progress dots’ and the menu interface would just be idling for a long time. Not sure why.

With web-interface, results were consistent. It’d kill the session immediately.

I prefer to have the CLI way of doing it so that I can have my team members just run an expect script and be done with it. Have you tried something like this? Please let me know if there are any issues in using port reset via CLI compared to ‘kill’ via web-gui or if I’m using the wrong command to do it.


The portset reset command should work fine for this as this is what is actually called when resetting a port from the web interface.