reset the port?

i was wondering is there any way that i could reset the port by issuing a command, in others terminal servers like Equinox or Xyplex i used the command "lo po ",is there any way to achieve the same thing in digi?

10x in advance

For which product and how is this being used (realport, tcp sockets, etc)?

i wonder about this as well. If there is a way to remotely reset a port on portserver TS 16, please let me know.

For the TS, by “reset” meaning knocking processes off the port? (Example being port 5)
–From the TS cmd line: kill 5
–From the TS web ui: Management->Serial ports
–For realport connections you must kill processes running from the realport host.

If by “reset” you mean to factory default a port?
–From the TS cmd line: revert port=factory range=5
–From the web ui: Config->Serial ports->Restore factory defaults

Is there a way to automatically reset/reboot the TS 4? Possibly with a time interval, every 4-6 hours.

i mean reset that emulate reinserting the cable, by shut and unshut the port.

In that case, use the first group of commands from the previous reply, about closing a port.

There is no such command built into the Portserver TS.

One possibility might be running an external perl or expect script, which would login to the Portserver TS at whatever interval you run the script, and issue the command “boot action=reset”. This is the commandline command for doing a reboot of the unit.