Using a TS 16 w/o RealPort?

I just purchased a Digi TS 16, with the understanding that RealPort was an option, not a requirement.

How can I turn this off? It seems to be enabled out of the box. I don’t need/want 16 different IP addresses. I’m looking to replicate the set up of an old Remote Annex with 16 async connections and one IP over the ethernet port.

I’m looking at page 21 of the TS userguide, and that looks like what I want… A single web-UI for 16 ports, 1 IP etc.



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Hmmmm. Well, Realport isn’t enabled by default, the terminal (term) device is. If you’re seeing a Digi login, that’s the login generated BY the TS. In order to use Realport, you’d need to change the device type to realport (rp).

So, it sounds like you might be wanting to do Console Management on whatever devices you have connected to the serial ports. Is this correct? If so, the following article might be of use to you:

If that isn’t what you intend on using the product for, please provide details so we can better assist you.

Well, right now I go to and I get ‘Port 1’ configuration. I go to and I get ‘Port 2’ configuration. I’ll do console if I must, but really I’d just like to go to IP and get ports 1-16 in a nice simple GUI (especially since this is going to be supported by other people, the easier the better). For management on the ethernet side. On the ‘serial’ side, I’d like them to be terminals.

When I turned it on ‘out of the box’ it seemed to decide to get a whole bunch (10+) DHCP addresses on its own, I presume with each being its own port. Isnt this RealPort?


This sounds pretty strange, and not the way things should be working. My only recommendation at this point would be to call Technical Support so it can be looked at in more depth. 952-912-3456