port server ts reset

We have a customer with a port server TS16 and the end user has set the serial port configuration to various profiles and different baud rates and configurations.

We have tried to use the web interface to reset to factory defaults to keep the IP and user login but it does not reset the serial port configuration.

We also tried change the port settings manually and then reviewed and logged out of the hub. When logging back in, the setting are as desired. Once “rebooted” the setting go back to the end user original, undesired serial port configurations.

Is a hard reboot required using the front button or a SAVE settings available.

  1. Locate the reset button on your Digi device. The reset button is in one
    of four common locations, shown in the figures below.
  2. Use a pen, the point of a paper clip, or some other device to press the
    recessed button on the front panel. Although the object used to access
    the reset button must be pointed, be sure it is not sharp or it may
    damage the reset button.
  3. While holding down the button, power on the Digi device.
  4. When the 1-5-1 LED pattern is displayed, release the button.
  5. It may take approximately two minutes for the device to boot up.