tcp socket on portserver ts 16

PortSever TS 16 ( PN 50000854 , SN W15170245 )
Solaris 10 on X86 ( HP DL 160 ).

This is a question not an issue.
Our software use the port as a normal serial comm. port, that is we open, set up env. Ioctl() like bits/baud/flow control…then read and write to the port like /dev/dty/xxxx .
My question if i set up a a port as “TCP Sockets” can i still use my same code as above that is open/env setup (bit/baud/…read/write to /dev/dty/xxxx
Or what needs to be done on my application code different. Is that port “/dev/dty/xxxx” not seen as a normal unix comm. port anymore.
My customer wishes to pass "TCP data down " that line. I understand it would be point-to-point and eat up a digi port, versus normal network interface. but that is not an issue

setting the TS up for TCP sockets will not work in your scenario. It sounds like you’ve got the TS port setup in realport mode.

If you wish to connect to the digi in a tcp sockets mode, then you’re app would need to support connecting to the appropriate TCP IP and port.

The /dev/dty/xxxs device would use our RealPort driver rather than a “TCP socket”. If you want to make a TCP connection to a port, the application would need to accommodate the PortServer IP_address and port_number rather than the /dev/dty/xxxs device.

For example, the following represents port 1 (2101) on a PortServer with an IP address of 2101

The following represents port 16: 2116