IBM RAN 128 port async ---Portserver TS16

has anyone had any exp connecting these 2 devices? I’ve attached the settings that currently work with a direct serial connection to the device that I need to interface with. I’m unable to find any docs on the pinout of the RJ45 connector but have re engineered the following:
4 RX
5 TX
I’m not 100% it is correct but when I send information to the tty in question I get incremental increases in the “total data In” section of the port diagnostics(on the ts16). The cable I created that connects the RAN to the TS 16 has 4 and 5 crossed. When I send data to the tty the ts 16 establishes a connection w the other end (TS 3 M MEI) and the TS3 reports a connection but I cannot recieve a reply from the other side. I will see incramental increases in “total data out” in the serial port diagnostics page on the TS3.

Both products have the same connector pin-out (10 pin).

The following pin-out using 8-wire cabling will work to connect the two serial ports:

1 DSR - 8 DTR
5 RxD - 4 TxD
4 TxD - 5 RxD
8 DTR - 1 DSR
6 SG - 6 SG
2 RTS - 7 CTS
7 CTS - 2 RTS

The key here is to activate the altpin setting on the PortServer:

#> set flow altpin=on range=(port#)

AIX is DCD sensitive and will need this signal asserted.

Hope this helps.

thanks for the info…one question though. Do I need any flow control set in the TS16 / 3? I know it the tty output that is listed xon

so pin 3 is not used at all?

The default values will be set to ixon/ixoff on the PortServer unit, so there should be no need to change it.

I’m using the web console and the default is set to software…I for some reason cannot telnet into the TS3 right now.

Yep, software and xon/xoff are one and the same :slight_smile:

Pin 3 is chassis/shell ground, so this would be attached to the shield/shell of your serial cable, and also correspond to pin 1 of a DB25 connector.

not getting a dsr light…is that normal?