IBM AIX 5.3---TS 16

I’m about to test the device on another IBM AIX server that has 2 8 port serial adapters installed. Do you have any information that I could be privy to that would make my project any easier? These serial adapters have break out boxes w male db-25 interfaces.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell what product you are referring to based on this description.

Can you obtain serial or part number information?

the back of the card list the feature code 3-b. A quick google lists that as a IBM 8 Port Async Adapter Card RS6000 RS/6000 RISC. The break out box has a sticker on the bottom that list it as a “ISA 8 port cable” with some other code info…if you need it.

one thing …the server is a fairly new P5 running AIX 5.3

Sounds like an IBM product. I recommend contacting IBM for assistance with this.

i’m not exactly sure if this will help: