What type of cable using to connect to IBM-RS/6000(170-P45), AIX5.2?

Is any body know what type of digi cable I should used to connected from Digi Port Server-TS16 to my IBM-RS6000 box?

I have two of those work station need to remotely control, I could use null cable modem to connected to the “S1” and “S2” without DIGI, that’s mean I already setup the AIX side. But can’t get connection through Digi Port Server. What cable I should use? “RJ45-DB9 modem cable”, “RJ45-DB9 console cable”, or “RJ45-DB9” cross over cable.
BTW, I setup the device type as “PRN”, correct? Please help.

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You will want to use a crossover/console cable:


Also, if you are using 8-wire (non-Digi) cabling, you will want to accommodate carrier. Add the clocal flag in smit for the appropriate serial port to the LOGIN and RUN TIME flags. Also, activate the altpin setting on the PortServer (set flow altpin=on range=(port#).

The following document should be helpful for this type of configuration and testing:


Good enough, I connect it with modem cable, that’s should be the reason.