PortServer TS 4

I have several TS 4’s running on an AIX, we use MAI RS 232 terminals over a SonicWall VPN,all of the time Port 1 will correctly connect to the AIX, however Port 2 on some of them will not automaticly connect to the AIX. All of the port configs are the same on both ends. Any info on what might be the problem?

Are you using the “autoconnect” option with telnet?

What is the behavior seen? Is there an error reported or just “…” (dots) indicating that it is trying?

You may want to try and reset port 2 to the factory defaults and reconfigure the port to see if it works.

Also, try checking for any processes on the port from the PortServer root prompt:

#> who

This will sometimes help to determine whether the connection is established on port 2.

If this does not pan out, I recommend contacting Digi Technical Support to have them review/compare your unit configurations.

We can’t use the autoconect option, because we need to have terminal/printer relationships between our remote branches, so we specify tty’s to Txx as assigned by branche stores.

How are you connecting? Are you using the RealPort driver on AIX?

Yes and some of the remotes work fine on all foyr ports

You will want to make certain the ports on the PortServer units are configured for the RealPort profile. From the root prompt on the PortServer:

#> set ports

The “dev” setting should show “rp”. If not:

#> set ports dev=rp range=(port#)

A reboot should be done when changing this setting:

#> boot action=reset

Also, since AIX is a carrier sensitive O.S., you will want to make sure DCD is asserted. When using 8-wire serial cables, you will need to activate the altpin setting:

#> set flow altpin=on range=(port#)

If using less than 8-wires, you can force the signal:

#> set flow forcedcd=on range=(port#)

Hope this helps.