AIX5.x / Digi TS2 works / TS8 does not

We have installed a protocol analyzer between a Digi TS2 and are able to receive data as expected. However, after upgrading to a TS8, we seem to be unable to transmit data over the wire.

Can someone point us in the right direction?? Is there something we are overlooking??

Has the RealPort daemon been restarted after adding the new unit? If not, try running “cfgmgr” from the AIX root prompt to initialize any new hardware (this may take several minutes to run).

Are you able to see the stty results (/usr/lbin/tty/stty-ncxa -a tty#) from a port on the TS 8?

Has carrier been asserted? If you are using 8-wires or less on the serial cable, you will want to assert DCD, as it is required in AIX. From the AIX root prompt:

 chdev -l tty# -a forcedcd=enable

If these suggestions do no pan out, I recommend working with Digi Technical Support directly.