Help for Portserver TS 2 MEI.

I finally see the DIGI Portserver TS 2 MEI, and in the DIGI Port Authority Remote I can see that there are data in and data out from the instrument. Also using Hyperterminal and typing on the keyboard these values increase.
Now the problem: I’ve an application that read a 485 serial signal, and I would like to transfer it on a remote pc, using my ethernet LAN. I connected the 485 serial wire to Portserver, and launching the application I can see through DIGI P.A.R. some data in and out, but the application (Wizcon supervisor) doesn’t work. Can you help me ?

You’d want to make sure the TS2 MEI’s DIP switches are set for the correct 485 operation (full or half duplex) and that you can see the data coming through the serial port first via Hyperterm or some other terminal emulation program if possible.

Once you get to that point, you know the cabling issue is correct and you could troubleshoot the application side.