Questions regarding model differences, and duplex

Hello everyone.

We are evaluating the use of Digi One PortServer TS 4 MEI to incorporate in our own product. We have successfully used Digi One RealPort in the past. I have some questions regarding this product and I have not found an appropriate e-mail address to address them to.

  1. How does the PortServer TS4 MEI handle communication when in half duplex mode?

a) When does it switch between send and receive mode?

b) What happens if data arrives on both the TCP/IP port and serial port simultaneously?

c) Can it take into account the status of the RTS signal (or other signals) to determine when to send and when to receive?

  1. There appear to be several different models: Digi One TS, Digi One TS H, Digi One TS Int, Digi One TS no PwrSup, Digi One TS W (Domestic) and Digi One TS W (International). It’s a jungle! How can we find out the differences between all of these? As we develop custom software for our products, even tiny technical differences may be significant.

Any information highly appreciated!

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Robert Björn

The TS4 MEI supports a half-duplex mode when the DIP switches are set for RS485 2-wire. This enables an automatic RTS toggle mechanism, which will raise/lower the RTS signal as data appears on the port. There is no collision avoidance/detection however, the serial port relies on the application to handle that in the form of poll/response or enq/ack. This behavior is available on our products which support the DIP switch selectable RS485 interface.

As for the differences between the various models, we have Data Sheets for the products, and a user-friendly Product Selector which can be found here:

If you have more indepth questions regarding any of what I just posted, I’d recommend calling or e-mailing Technical Support so we can better assist you by finding out more background on your particular application.

This information is much interesting. keep it updating up.