Portserver TS on AIX

I have some Digi PortServer TS 2 devices that I am using to connect an IBM AIX server to a laboratory analyzer instrument (Abbott CellDyn). I installed the Digi device drivers for AIX and am successfully using the same set up for 2 other models of Abbott instruments. I am using the ‘Real Port’ set up.

I can see data transmitted from the CellDyn to the terminal server using the 'connect ’ command on the terminal server, so I know that the terminal server is receiving data from the CellDyn.

I have checked the ‘stty -a < /dev/tty0’ output at the AIX end and all the port settings appear correct. I have used a basic ‘cat < /dev/tty0’ command to test the data transmission (this works with the other lab instruments). I have also tried ‘dd’.

I am reasonably certain that there is a TCP connection because if I disconnect the cable form the terminal server the ‘cat < /dev/tty0’ command exits.

I am at a loss as to what to try next. I see that there a number of configuration options at the AIX device end and also on the terminal server but the relevancy or implication of changing many of these is outside my experience.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


I’m not exactly clear of what the problem is. Are you unable to transmit data altogether or are you unable to communicate with the lab instrument from the RealPort host - AIX?

I am trying to submit data from the lab instrument, but am unable to see data arriving at the AIX side even though I can see it arriving at the Digi TS 2.

Try connecting to the port directly using dinc from the AIX root prompt. For example:

dinc 9600 /dev/ttyxyz

Once connected, the data from the instrument should be seen. If you are unable to connect, confirm the daemon is running on the AIX host:

ps -ef | grep ncxd

Also, confirm the port exists and you can view the settings:

/usr/lbin/tty/stty-ncxa -a ttyxyz