ConnectPort LTS 16 MEI; Cisco Serial

ConnectPort LTS 16 MEI; Version 1.4.1 (82002228_J 10/21/2016)

Need to configure reverse SSH to the 16 devices.

I tried a straight through cable; no output
I tried a rolled cable; garbled output

Configured the ports as Console Management ports profile
Basic serial settings 9600/8/None/1/None

Tried the Enable DCD on 8-pin RJ45 connectors (Altpin)

Do I need a special pin out cable?

If so, is it something I can make myself or must I order from Digi?

Thanks in advance

Yes there is a specific pin out for cisco, they have a document out there with a pin out. Its not color-coded its just pin 1 to pin bleh not very helpful. This is what i got after a back and forth with tech support.

Digi RJ45 Cisco RJ45
Pin 1 DCD —solid blue — pin 2 DTR
Pin 2 RTS----blue white — pin 8 CTS
Pin 3 gnd —solid green —pin 4 gnd
Pin 4 txd---- green white —pin 6 rxd
Pin 5 rxd —solid orange —pin 3 txd
Pin 6 sg ----orange white —pin 5 SG
Pin 7 CTS—solid brown —pin 1 rts
Pin 8 DTR----brown white—pin 7 dsr

If you make one end 568B, the other end should be as follows:
1 - WBr
2 - WO
3 - WBl
4 - Wg
5 - Gr
6 - Bl
7 - Br
8 - Or

The 568B end should plug into the Digi device and the end as shown above should plug into the Cisco end.

This is the excerpt from the guide:

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