Trying to confirm pinout, connectivity to Cisco ASA, ISR, Catalyst Switch

I have a newly purchased ConnectPort TS 16.

I am trying to connect to various Cisco devices.

Can you please assist with Pinout?

I had discovered this:

White/Orange 1 Orange 2
Orange 2 Brown 8
White/Green 3 Blue 4
Blue 4 Green 6
White/Blue 5 White/Green 3
Green 6 White/Blue 5
White/Brown 7 White/Orange 1
Brown 8 White/Brown 7

When I SSH to the Digi (tcp port 2501 for device port 1), I get the digi login prompt, but then when trying to get the device, the SSH/Putty window just closes.

The pin-outs can be found here:

Please note that the cable ends are not interchangeable, so you will want to label the ends for the Cisco port and the Digi port.

The document says “Altpin should be turned on when using this cable.”

Where is that enabled?