EIA-422 full-duplex for PortServer TS 16 MEI vs ConnectPort TS 16 MEI

My 8-wire cable worked fine with a PortServer but I can’t get the same cable to work with a ConnectPort because I can’t find the “alternate pin-out” setting in the ConnectPort.

I have read previous entries in this forum about the same issue where the responder says that it is possible to use an 8-wire Cable with the ConnectPort. Can someone please tell me how I can tell the ConnectPort to use the alternate pin-out??

My cable:
Pin #1 RxD-
Pin #2 TxD+
Pin #3 CGND
Pin #4 NC
Pin #5 RxD+
Pin #6 SGND
Pin #7 NC
Pin #8 TxD-