How do i generate input signals?

Hi, I have a BL2600 and I have a program that listens to input signals from the input pins DIN16-31. I would like to generate a input signal somehow so that I can see it that something happends in my program.
If I had the demo board I could generate a signal, but since I do not have it. I have 2 options as I see it. Buy a demo board or find another way to generate signals.

Is it possible to buy only the demo board without buying another BL2600(I already have 2 BL2600’s)?

If I where to connect an external powersource to generate an input signal. What voltage and ampere should I use. and how do I connect the wires? Do I for example connect the plus from the external power source to pin CIN16 and the negative to GND? How should I set the jumper?

Please ask if my questions are unclear.
Thanks in advance
Regards Samir

You can purchase the tool kit for the BL2600. A demonstration board comes in this kit. The part number is 101-0626.

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Good afternoon, I emailed you yesterday, and just resent this after realizing I did not have your correct email address.

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Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile: :slight_smile: