How do I get ADC samples using edge-detection?

I’m using a series 2 zigbee XBee to transmit both analog and digital samples.

According to this document ( it would seem possible to get a sample of all input lines (analog and digital) using edge-detect (IC) on a chosen digital input. The example in the document states “I want to monitor DIO3 and DIO5 for any change, and if a change is detected to transmit a sample of ADC1, ADC2, DIO3, DIO4, and DIO5 to a specific radio.

But I can’t get this setup to work. When the sample is triggered using edge-detect, I only seem to get digital samples in the response frame. Only when the sample is triggered by IR (periodic sampling) do I seem to get the adc values.


That is correct. The Zigbee based products you need to use both change detect and sample rate in order to receive both ADC and DIO data as they are different types of data being samples.

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