how do i get Wwan ip in python as variable on transport wr31

I want to send a SMS containing the Wwan IP address.
but the wr31 does not support the digicli module. ( PYTHON )

how do I get a variable setup containing tha wwan ip

somthing like :

import sarcli

destination = ‘555-12345’
message = “pretty please” (“at\mibs=gprs.0.stats.ip”)

def SendSms(destination, message):
cli =
command = ‘sendsms ’ + destination + ’ "’ + message + '" ’
SendSms(destination, message)
print "Sent SMS message: " + message

Hi and welcome to Digi Forum.

You can find some python example for WR31 here:

If nothing apply to your case, I would suggest you to open a case sending an email

Please also review Digi Support level options, in particular for code debugging/writing:


Digi Technical Support Team

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