WR31 - How to retreive Signal Strength and details of cellular connection via Python

Can you point me to where I might learn how to retrieve the RSSI and other details of the cellular connection via python?

I have been pouring over the documentation, however I don’t fully understand the organization of the documentation, there is a lot of stuff on ZigBee, but I can’t find any examples of reading cellular details via python.

Thanks for your time,

Ricky Houghton

Hi the easy way to get this information is to send the command

modemstat ?

through the cli command this can be done with the

import sarcli

def CLI( str ):
---- cli = sarcli.open()
---- cli.write( str )
---- res = cli.read()
---- cli.close()
---- return( res )

the return would be the result from the command then you can parse the result for the information you are looking for