If is possible to read RSSI and RSRP values from a Digi WR21 using SNMP ?

Firmware Version: (Nov 20 2015 07:16:56)
SBIOS Version: 7.56u
Build Version: WW
HW Version: 1207a

Can not find any documentation about this. Is it possible to get radio information using SNMP ?

I would like to use SNMP to get as much information as possible. I can get all using the “modemstat ?” command and that gives me the following.

modemstat ?
Outcome: Got modem status OK:
Time: 7 Mar 2016 12:22:35
SIM status: Ready (PIN checking disabled)
Signal strength: -80 dBm
Radio technology: LTE
Signal quality (LTE): RSSI -80 dBm, RSRP -103 dBm, RSRQ -7 dB, SINR 21.4 dB
Radio band: E-UTRA Operating Band 20
Channel: 6200
Model: WeTelecom WPD-600N
IMEI: 990004610289039
IMSI: 242140000168678
MDN: Not provisioned
ICCID: 89470715000000686787
Firmware: M9310A-CETRTBZM-6.2.106037 1 [Apr 12 2015 21:00:00]
Hardware version: 30000
APN in use: Context 1: public
GPRS Attachment Status: Attached
GPRS Registration: Registered, home network tac:A411 ci:0011EE1C
Network: ice.net, 24214
Preferred system: Auto
Network Technology: LTE

But reading the same values with SNMP would make it much easier.



some of the information can be found using the Sarian-Monitor.mib

under the GPRS field you can see this on the router using cli


you might have to load the specific mib for the router to get more information from the mibs

or you could use a python script to scrape the modemstat command and put the information into configuration / descriptin your not using but can find the IOD’s for