How do I get XBee3 to work without NetBeans IDE?


I am new to NetBeans, Java and XBee, but I successfully got the Java “Example: transmit data” to work in the NetBeans IDE by using the green Run arrow.

My problem is; the moment I try to use the XBee3 devices without the NetBeans IDE but with for example CoolTerm or any other terminal program, nothing appears in the terminal window(com port settings are correct).

Where am I going wrong. Do I maybe somehow need to flash the binary to the XBee3 devices after running the Java code in NetBeans or am I doing something else wrong?

Thanking you in advance…

The XBee 3 does not support Java. It does have the ability to run Micro Python if enabled in its firmware.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Is there a link where I can see which XBee modules use Java and which ones use MicroPython?

Just for clearance to decide what modules I must use in future can you please also answer the following question?

Are the Java examples for older models only and MicroPython for new ones or are both languages still going to be used in future?

None of the XBee products are capable of having a java application loaded on them.

All of the XBee 3 products support Micro Python directly on the module.

All XBee products can interact with any device or application capable of communicating over a UART. That means if you were to write a Python or Java application and run that application on a processor or Micro Computer that can have the XBee connect to it, as long as that application tries to use the COM port the radio is connected to, it will work.

Thank you again for your reply. That clarifies it for me.