Xbee - with or without Arduino ?


I am designing an embedded project named curtain control for some purpose, I want to confirm should I use Xbee with arduino or without arduino for its proper working? I designed a curtain control and in designing it I used following components one motor , one arduino UNO , two buttons along with 2 end switches. All I desire to control it with help of Xbee .

I want to ask should I use Xbee module in standalone mode? Is it possible?Or it needs arduino?

Also show me the correct way of programming of Xbee.

Thanks in advance

I would expect you to be able to do what you have described with an XBee 3 and within its Micro Python interface.

I have managed to make the xbee work with the arduino cards (I have programmed them).
With respect to communicating them without an arduino card, the Xbee3s are what can be programmed in Python (I have not done it, but I have read it).
I would appreciate it if you tell me how it went with what you said


(sorry for the translation)