Xbee - with or without Arduino ?

Total newbee.

I made a curtain controll with an arduino uno. 1 motor (2 DO), 2 buttons (DI)and two end switches (DI).

I want to controll this through the zigbee network. I have a deconz usb hub.

Can i program the Xbee module as a stand alone or is the arduino neccesary ?

And maybe someone can point me in the right direction where to start programming the Xbee.


If you are working with an XBee 3 are the modules, then yes, you do not need an arduino.

If you don’t have an actual zigbee curtain device to sniff the messages you might have trouble doing this on the Deconz infrastructure. That’s a closed system, so you just can’t load up any driver you want. In order for it to work your device is going to have to mimic one that Deconz supports. That’s not going to be an easy task in python or the Arduino IDE. Good luck!