How do I go about getting JWT support for MQTT transactions on the LTE-M?

I am currently working on a project that integrates Google IoT Core and the XBee LTE-M Cellular module in order to create a MQTT-based messaging system. The only problem is Google requires JWTs to be used as the password for IoT transactions (also requires this for basic TCP posts). Is the XBee module capable of providing this JWT itself? More specifically, does it have the hardware necessary for creating JWTs?

If not, how can I go about creating these JWTs?

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Digi has a repository with sample code and libraries at, but nothing related to JWT.

You might be able to port one of the smaller Python-based libraries, or potentially roll your own with support for a minimal subset of the spec necessary to connect to Google IoT Core.

MicroPython on XBee Cellular includes SHA256 support in uhashlib, base64-related code in ubinascii and JSON-handling code in ujson. Does that cover the necessary pieces to work with JWT?