Is there support for MQTT in XBee Cellular 3G?

As mentioned in Digi Micro python user guide, we are working on the examples mentioned in the user guide, MQTT examples are failed as paho is not defined.
Is there support for MQTT in Xbee Cellular 3G?

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It sounds like you need to install the paho-mqtt library. This is called out on the “Get started with MQTT” page:

Since XBee cellular supports micropython, is MQTT library comes with pre-loaded in XBee Cellular, if not, do you have any link to upload a python file into XBee cellular or how install this library in XBee Cellular.
Thanks for the reply

The XBee Cellular MicroPython builds do not include an MQTT library.

But the recent *0B firmware versions allow for uploading Python modules to a file system on the device. It isn’t online yet, but there will eventually be an MQTT library and sample program in this repository:

It’s based on the mqtt.simple module from micropython-lib, with some changes to accommodate how XBee Cellular handles SSL sockets.