Issues using MQTT Library with Xbee 3 Micropython

I’m having issues using the Paho Mqtt library with my Xbee 3 LTE-M/Nb-Iot modem in Micropython. When downloading the zip folder from Github, it fails the file transfer due to the size of the file. Anyone else having this issue?

I’ve read up more on the library options for the Xbee3 modem and it looks like uMqtt.simple should be used. I’ve successfully downloaded and transferred the file to my /lib folder on the modem. I still get the error below when typing out this line in micropython terminal “from umqtt.simple import MQTTClient”

“ImportError: no module named ‘umqtt’”

Sounds like you are missing some of the library files. I would suggest looking at xbee-micropython/samples/cellular/mqtt_publish_subscribe at master · digidotcom/xbee-micropython · GitHub

Thanks for the response. In the example it looks like they are using the umqtt library as well in this example. I used the file transfer feature to put the folder in the library section. The code still does not recognize the line:
“from umqtt.simple import MQTTClient”

Is there something I’m missing?

You would need to import the requested library.