How do I open a PTY master?

How do I open a PTY master? I am trying to compile a Qt Application called QTermWidget 0.1 for a Digi ConnectCore Wi-i.MX51 (running Digi EL 5.9 on the host computer and Linux on the CCWMX51JS) and when I do I get the following error:

qtermwidget/lib/kpty.cpp:231:3: Fehler: #error No method to open a PTY master detected.

I learned that I needed to add one of the following lines to the file, depending on my system pseudo terminal parameters although this did not work either.

Does anybody know how the correct Defines? Can anyone help show me an example with openpty() or forkpty()? Where would I find the system pseudo terminal parameters?

Here is the link to the Qt App, QTermWidget:

The end project is to find a Qt terminal that I can compile and run on a i.MX51 SoC. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!