How do I reset the connection TCP ?


I’m doing a program that communicates via TCP / IP from a computer to a rcm3200 through a port. My problem is when it drops the connection, for example, when I disconnect the cable and connect it again. Even the LEDs are shut down.

How do I reset the connection?. Obviously without rebooting the device


sock_close (&socket);
sock_abort (&socket);
sock_init ();

but it does not work

Is there any example?

Sorry, but my English is not very good
Thx for advantage

You still have to call tcp_tick() until the socket gets completely shut down.
You can tell a tcp socket is closed by tcp_tick(s)==NULL or by running sock_wait_closed(s)

This is an old thread, but I’m having the same problem, I hope somebody has solved it.
I have ten rcm3200 core modules, all of them are running the same program, eight of them can reset the connection but the other two can’t. Anybody has any ide on what’s happening here.
Thanks for your help (please excuse my english)