Time to Re-inititate TCP connection after RST (reset) RCM3000

Is there a spec or a best practice of the minimum timing to restart a TCP connection after a RST on a RCM3000?

The situation of interest is an application that connects to the RCM3000 and polls for status via TCP/IP, under some situations outside our control, the packets get out of sequence and RST is sent. The application must then restablish connection or restart the TCP conversation (SYN) with the RCM3000. I this this is controlled by the hardware on the RCM3000?

I was going to create a small application that go through this routine of establish a connection, then send RST, then try and restart a new conversation but figured I the community first.

THanks for any help!

Good morning, Please send an email to the Support team at tech.support@digi.com

We have a library patch and recommendation to resolve this issue.